Wharfedale 10" Active Subwoofer - SW10BK

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The new SW-10 Subwoofer is designed with a 150-watt internal amplifier with electronic equalization for flat frequency response. It provides a perfect balance between power and sound quality, offering remarkable sound pressure levels, yet retaining enough control to be considered audiophile in quality. This intuitive sub-woofer will add weight and authority to any stereo system, extending the frequency response much further than conventional bass drivers can. The built-in amplifiers have been engineered to provide a powerful response at these frequencies, while a continuously variable crossover provides seamless integration with all other speakers within the system. This model offers a phase adjustment for the additional matching of sound.

The SW-10 Subwoofer features non-pressed paper cones for increased self-damping, better-quality transient impact and improves the structural rigidity of the cone itself. Centre vents with copper lining have been employed to diminish the magnetic distortion and improve the heat dissipation. The amplifier modules used in this subwoofer are rigid and diligently engineered. Newly designed, the amplifier within SW-10 has been optimised for high impact at low frequencies. Topaz low-frequency loudspeakers use sealed box acoustic systems in order to achieve linear phase operation, ensuring a tight, controlled bass that remains entirely free of "woolly bass", a problem that is associated with ported systems. Inputs are provided for both line-level and speaker-level signals and have controls for volume, bandwidth, power, and phase. Hardened steel floor spikes are also provided, enabling more sturdy and secure placement within any room.

Still utilizing the solid, well-engineered power amplifiers, the SW subwoofers have been optimised for high impact at low frequencies and are ideal for movies or music. With the two finishes to the cabinets, this S-10 subwoofer looks great with matching floor standing speakers, and will integrate seamlessly within any decor.

  • Beautiful design fits within any décor
  • Non-pressed paper cone
  • Audiophile quality build

Drive Units        

1 x (10") 250mm cone long-throw



Frequency Response



40 - 120Hz ±3dB


Amplifier Power Output               





Peak Power Output





Line Input Sensitivity    



200mv for maximum output


Crossover Range



30 - 150Hz




Stereo Line In (2 x RCA Phono)

Mono (LFE) Line In (RCA Phono)



Input Impedance            


Line Input 10kΩ




Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N)               




Avg. Max Output @1m








Phase inversion, Auto on-off




Height: (358+58)mm(with feet)

Width: 336mm

Depth: (366+15)mm



Net weight        




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