Platinum Wasser 5 Stage Home Reverse Osmosis System + Pump + Tap - ULTRA5B


Platinum Wasser 5 Stage Home Reverse Osmosis System + Pump + Tap  - ULTRA5B 

Components without BPA

Quality Made in Europe

Eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Low carbon footprint

Premium Brand

Guaranteed quality control

20 years of experience in water filter technology

Get up to 40% Gov Rebate when recycling the waste water:

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The membrane that is assembled in the Platinum Water systems consists of a few thin layers that form a spiral-like coil. The semi-permeable material of the membrane perfectly keeps all organic and mechanical impurities, heavy metals, radioactive, toxic, carcinogenic substances, etc. Currently this is the most effective method of water treatment.

Thanks to its internal, porous structure, the selected activated carbon quickly absorbs any contamination from the water. Water filtration removes mechanical and organic contaminants, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, detergents and phenols. It also improves the taste and smell of the water.

Also known as initial filtration or sedimentation, substances such as sludge, rust, sand, microorganisms or pollen are responsible for the removal of water. The highest quality polypropylene is used in the production of Platinum water equipment, which guarantees safety and efficiency of water filtration.

The deposit contained in the cartridge prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria. This unique feature of the cartridge ensures the safety and convenience of the filter.

Reverse osmosis filter with three-stage prefiltration and post filtration with carbon postfilter. Molecular prefilters are proven classical filter cartridges housed in double-sealed casings to provide the best possible protection against leakage.



  • the most economical model of high quality filters
  • can be used for drinking water and technical use
  • protects kitchen equipment from scale and mechanical impurities


Technical parameters

  • Dimensions: 400x360x150 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 2-38 C
  • Operating Pressure: 2,2-6,0 Bar
  • Maximum TDS: 1500 ppm Feed Water PH Limits 2-11
  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration: 0,3 ppm
  • Salt Rejection: 95%
  • Capacity: 75 GPD or 284 Liters
  • Storage Tank Volume: 12 liters
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Product Brand Platinum Wasser
Type Reverse Osmosis
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