PBX 3 CO Lines 8 Extension Points - TC308AC

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A great value for money, easy to install, entry level small business telephone system (PBX). The TC308AC accommodates up to 3 telephone lines and provides up to 8 extensions. Key features include 99 system phone number memories (speed dial), Auto attendant, Auto Fax Detect,Caller ID Compatible and many more. 


Auto Attendant

Allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator/receptionist). Many AA(Auto Attendants) will also offer a simple menu system ("for sales, press 1, for service, press 2," etc.). An auto attendant may also allow a caller to reach a live operator by dialling a number, usually "0".


Call Logging

Call logging is the collection, evaluation, and reporting of technical and statistical data about telephone calls.


Call Transfer

A call transfer is a telecommunications mechanism that enables a user to relocate an existing telephone call to another phone or attendant console, using a transfer button or a switch hook flash and dialling the required location. The transferred call is either announced or unannounced.


Call Blocking

Also known as call block, call screening, or call rejection, allows a telephone subscriber to block incoming calls from specific telephone numbers.

Music on Hold

Music on hold (MOH) is the business practice of playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold. It is especially common in situations involving customer service.


Nigh Service

Night service is any service that operates at night, such as a night-time public transport service or a 24-hourtelephone support service. Night service in particular is also a feature of private branch exchanges and business telephone systems, whereby for a set period during the day (usually those hours outside of normal office or work hours, when normal operator services are not provided), incoming calls are automatically redirected by the PBX to particular telephones or other equipment (such as an answering machine, auto attendant, voice mail system, or the duty station of a night watchman).



Direct inward system access, the ability to access internal features from an outside telephone line.


Key Features

  • Compatible with SLT plug and play - Yes 
  • Caller ID transferred - Yes 
  • Auto Fax detect - Yes 
  • Least cost routing - Yes 
  • IP code access automatically - Yes 
  • Extension password - Yes 
  • Busy transferred - Yes 
  • Unconditional Transferred - Yes 
  • Call Transferred to Secretary - Yes 
  • Call on Holding - Yes 
  • Personal account - Yes 
  • Do Not Disturb(DND) - Yes 
  • Day and Night service - Yes 
  • Operator attendant and Auto attendant - Yes 
  • Party Conference ( between 2exts & 1C.O ) - Yes 
  • Party Conference ( among 3 extensions) - Yes 
  • Outside caller call extension by one touch - Yes 
  • Extension ring by turns - Yes 
  • Hot line ( call to operator without dialling) - Yes 
  • Call to operator by one touch dialling - Yes 
  • Ringback on busy ( when Ext.becomes free) -Yes 
  • Speed dialling - Yes 
  • External music on hold socket - Yes 
  • Extension outgoing call class - Yes 
  • Remote program - Yes 
  • Outside ( CO ) Line Duration Time Limit - Yes 
  • Monitor voice record - Yes 
  • Various Outside ( CO ) line access mode - Yes 
  • Extension number assignable freewill - Yes 
  • Executive busy override - Yes 
  • Eight extension ringing assignable - Yes 
  • Broadcast - Yes 
  • Twin routes 3 section OGM (DISA) - Yes 
  • Self-extension number confirmation - Yes 
  • Pulse and tone mode setting - Yes 
  • Polarity Reverse Detection (for billing) - Yes 
  • Power failure ( some C.O & ext on duty) - Yes 
  • Call picked up by non-ring extension - Yes
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