Minwa Easy Start Car Starter - ECA1180

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This amazing emergency jump starter bypasses the need for expensive, large and heavy booster cables. The cigarette lighter jump start plugs in to your cigarette lighter socket and the cigarette lighter socket of another vehicle to jump start your car. May be used to charge the battery of your car from a donor vehicle over a period of time, or can be used to build a charge for jump starting. With short circuit protection to protect your vehicles sensitive electrical systems. Using this charger, smaller vehicles may be used to jump start large vehicles.

- 12v cigarette socket to 12v cigarette socket.

- Jump starts or charges over time

- Short circuit protection

- Long cable for easy reach to other vehicles

- Jump start without going under your bonnet

- Input Voltage: DC 12V

- 100x88x60mm

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Product Brand Minwa Electronics