Boschmann Amplifier ZX3 Series 2600 Watt - ZX3T4D

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The Concept

Specifically developed Herculean multi-purpose hybrid class amplifiers to match unrivaled class D amps. ZX3 emphasis lies in precision to distinctly preserve every bit of quality from the digitized audio signal to maximum purity.The ZX3 series offer the highest power output for pro car audio installations & ample requirements for MAJOR SPL competition performance. Boschmann ZX3 amps offer a wider range of system options, from the most straight forward system, the more complex configurations or more, with unparalleled versatility. ZX3 has the flexibility guarantee to offer seemingly endless list of possibilities, delivering loads of extreme power with striking audio quality & high degree of purity.


  • 4-ohms Continuous: 150W x 4Ch
  • 2-ohms Continuous: 325W x 4Ch
  • 4-ohms Bridged Continuous: 650W x 2Ch
  • 4-ohms Max Bridged: 1300W x 2Ch
  • 4-ohms Peak: 2600W
  • Low Pass Filter: 30Hz~250Hz
  • High Pass Filter: 80Hz~1.2KHz
  • Sub-sonic Filter: 15Hz~40Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0dB~=12dB
  • Treble Boost: 0dB~=12dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: >100 dB
  • Freq Response: 5Hz~50KHz
  • Input impedance: 22K Ohm
  • Channel Separation: >100 dB
  • Damping Factor: 200

Key Features

  • Pure 24K Gold Plated RCA Sockets, Speaker & Power Terminals
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Plates Chrome Finished Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sink
  • Image Projecting Translucent Window Blue Night Illumination
  • Switched Power Output Devices with Pulse-Width Modulation Regulated Power Supply
  • Auto Noise Cancellation Dual Circuit Board with Virtual Zero Crossover Distortion Tolerance
  • On-board Schmidt-Trigger Electronic Full Circuit Protection including Built-In VI-Circuit Delimiter
  • Designed for Extensive Wiring Flexibility Allowing for a Wide Range of Multiple Connection Configurations
  • High Efficiency Hybrid Amplification Topology for High Current - High Power Output
  • Electronic Real-Time Digital LED Voltmeter Display with Convenient Top View Assembly
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