Beko Condenser Tumble Dryer with Heat Pump 8KG A+++ - DPY8506GXB1

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Tumble Dryers,

High efficiency, high durability, low noise

Don't stress about your energy bill or give yourself a headache every time you dry your clothes. Thanks to a brushless motor design, ProSmart offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability – all in a single machine. All so you get the most from your tumble dryer without disturbing your monthly budget or piece of mind.


Perfect drying, no colour bleeding

You used to dress up in all colors but your wardrobe has turned pale pastels. What happened? Oh, the tumble dryer happened. Now there is EcoGentle technology, which preserves the colour of clothes thanks to its innovative drying technology. Standard condenser drying works in conjunction with an air conditioning system to treat clothes gentler and make your dryer more energy efficient.


Wave-like drum action for gentler treatment

Drying might take its toll on your clothes. So, here is AquaWave system’s curved door glass and specially designed paddles that move the laundry in a wave-like action inside the drum, treating clothes gentler and improving the drying performance. Next time someone compliments your clothes and you reply, 'What, this old thing?' you might be telling the truth.


Less noise, more peaceful home

Running the dryer while the baby's asleep is a lose-lose situation – either the baby's waking up or those clothes aren't getting dry. Or, it used to be so. The Silent Programme allows you and your family to get a peaceful night's rest as the dryer runs at a noise just above that of a whisper.


Adaptable door direction for easier access

When you take the load out of the washing machine, you don't want to carry wet clothes around two doors to throw them into the dryer. The Reversible Door allows you to change which way your tumble dryer’s door opens so you can pick the clothes right out of the washing machine and dump them into the dryer without any hassle.


Key Features

Energy Efficiency Class: A+++

Drying Capacity: 8 kg

Drying Technology: Heat Pump

Sensor Drying: OptiSense

Noise Level: 65 dBA

Height: 84.6 cm

Width: 59.7 cm

Depth: 65.4 cm

Display Type: LCD

Time Delay: Flexible Time Delay (0 h - 24 h)

Colour: White

More Information
Product Brand Beko
Type Condenser - Heat Pump
Max Load 8 kg
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